June Drop

I have to admit then when my dad comes to visit and has something to show me, I am transported to my childhood and feel the same awe and excitement._DSC0048

Our little apple tree has bloomed and the kids have faithfully been watering it to help the apples grow._DSC0057

Dad brought us all outside to see that underneath each of our fruit trees were a large amount of fruit.  At first I thought maybe some critters were to blame, but he explained that it is called the “June Drop.”

Though a tree may have an large amount of flowers and small fruit, it cannot sustain bearing all the fruit.  In order for the tree to produce the amount it is capable of producing, God has created it to release some of it’s fruit.  If it doesn’t it will become drained of resources and die.  God in his great wisdom gives the tree exactly what it needs to help it produce.


As he left, I began to think that I might need my own “June Drop.”  I heap expectations on myself of how I “need to do this,” or “I should be doing that,” and it leads to me feeling frantic and overwhelmed.  I try to be the best wife and mother, keeping the house spotless, and serve at church.  But, then comes the day when one of those things doesn’t go exactly right and I feel like a failure.

So, I am working on having a “June Drop.”  I am learning to release the unwarranted expectations and drive to be perfect.  I am instead trying to seek God and find all I need in him.  I believe he can help me find a way to drop what is keeping me from bearing the best fruit and remember I am sufficient in Him.

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