To Be Honest

He is my rock and my fortress.

To be honest, I struggle to share this because it may come across as cliche, or what I am supposed to say as a good Christian girl, but truly and honestly, this is where I am.

In the midst of all that we are facing, I have learned what it is like to be utterly and completely dependent on God. But, I have also learned the incredible joy and peace that comes when I find all that I need in Him. There were times that all I could do was hold onto God in utter weakness. In those times, I felt a peace and grace that has no other explanation but God.

I also know the power of prayer. I have felt it. It is real. I know what it means that he can do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. I often thought of that truth as changing circumstances in incredible ways. I have learned that it is about my heart. He has become real to me in ways I would never have imagined. He has given me strength in my utter weakness. He has become my hope, and not just a cliche. 

I walk into these next few days not without fear, but with a God that is greater than all my fears. I can trust Him because I have seen his faithfulness over and over and over again. I can’t explain this other than God. All I know I that truth that God is the All- Sufficient one and that in Him I find everything I need has never come so alive to me before.

One Reply to “To Be Honest”

  1. I’m praying for you as I write this. There is such peace in really knowing that He is the all sufficient One and that He is with us at all times. Yes, fear may sneak in , but it can’t stay in His presence.

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