Twenty Five Years

There once was a tree that stood tall and strong and the world revolved around it. No one ever expected it to fall and when it did life was never the same.

You never expect such a strong tree to fall. But twenty five years ago today it did. The tree stood in the center of camp and when the wind blew hard it was taken down. It wasn’t even a bad storm. But a sheer wind gust came through and brought with it tragedy. In memory of the life lost, a gazebo was built.

We think memories fade but they don’t always. I began to think about that day again and realized it was coming up on the twenty fifth anniversary. Thats the thing about events like this. They stay with you. You are never the same after. So today I stop and think about what happened. I remember and that remembering is a sacred place.

1 thought on “Twenty Five Years”

  1. What a day of remembrance this is.. I remember that tree with the bell high up in it .. that bell 🔔 rang for many different reasons over the years. God had bigger and better plans for that camper who passed away that day. I pray the family has found peace and comfort over the years.

    Today is also the 14th Anniversary of My brother Roberts death.

    We just have to remember God needed his children home with him and now we know they are in a better place.

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