I have always loved the variety of seasons. Spring is bright and vibrant after a long winter, summer is warm and free, and fall is colorful and cozy.

But winter is a whole other thing. At times, when fresh snow blankets the lawn, it is peaceful and picturesque. But by the time we get to March with another unexpected snowstorm, or even April or May for that matter, winter at times seems unending.

In winter in the Northeast, you tend to huddle down and hibernate. You move slower and it takes so much longer to do anything. You can’t just leave the house, you have to get on your coat, your hat, your gloves, your boots, and let your car warm up while you scrape off the ice and snow. It is laborious.

At times, I have experienced multiple seasons in a week, sometimes even in a day. It may be warm and sunny in the morning and you are sure spring is here, but then you could end up slammed with a snowstorm that afternoon.

I have learned there is no use in fighting the seasons. Most of the time it is better just to accept them. I have learned that about the weather and about my life. I want to thrive and bloom but sometimes, I am still in winter.

What I have to remind myself is that even in winter, things are still happening. My roots are growing deeper, my faith is growing stronger, and I am storing up strength for the the next season.

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