Will Spring Ever Come?

I have felt as if I have been slogging through the messiness of winter in so many ways. It is not just that I live in the northeast, and winter clings like a fussy toddler. It is struggling with health issues I didn’t understand. It is watching so many I care about face storms large and small. It is the deep longing of living in the not yet. My heart yearns for the beauty and peace only heaven can bring, while the cold winds of life on this earth howl around me.

I have been spending time reading through the Psalms of Lament. I picked up a few books this fall on sorrow and lament, and they have drawn me into the beauty and brokenness of lament. It has given words to my heart. It has helped me to find a holy place to bring my questions before God. It has brought peace and hope.

I do not ignore or avoid the hard things. I can’t. They are all around me. Instead, I am honest with God about them. I cry out to Him. But I also remember what I know to be true. I place my trust in Him and in Him I find peace.

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