Our first fall in the Adirondacks, I discovered bittersweet growing in our backyard. I wasn't aware of its name until I looked it up, but I found it intriguing. A beautiful vine with yellow casing opening to red berries and it's called bittersweet? Why did it have such a paradoxical name? I may not have… Continue reading Bittersweet


Defender of the Defenseless

  Fall  is almost here and the tree here in the Adirondacks will be adorned in their fall finest.  It is one of my favorite times of year, but it is fleeting.  The trees will reach the pinnacle of their vibrancy and then the leaves will begin to make a gradual decent to the ground.  Soon,… Continue reading Defender of the Defenseless


The One Where I Don’t “Feel” Thankful

It's been one of those weeks, months even.  Those ones you wish you could just black out of your calendar and forget.  It is one of those times where what should be simple becomes more and more complicated and it just seems impossible that things will be improving any time soon.  Most of the time… Continue reading The One Where I Don’t “Feel” Thankful