A Case of the Shoulds

The litany of things I should be doing runs through my head like a school closing banner at the bottom of a tv. I feel like each year I get older the shoulds multiply like baby rabbits. There are even should categories.

My household shoulds are a never ending list of laundry to wash, dry, and fold; floors to sweep or vacuum; bathrooms to scrub; cabinets and appliances that need wiped down; drawers that need organizing etc. My teacher shoulds include lesson planning, grading, power points, handouts, and test and quizzes. I know my students would be completely fine if I didn’t get to the tests and quizzes but it’s part of the job. I have pastor’s wife shoulds, parent of preteen shoulds, first born daughter shoulds, healthy and fit me shoulds, and the list goes on.

Just a disclaimer, this list is created by me and no one else. It is probably a side affect of my first born perfectionist over achiever work hard genetics. People tell me to just sit and rest but the problem is the shoulds get louder. It actually keeps them at bay to keep moving. 

I have come to a crossroads. I am way to tired to keep up with the list and it’s a deep bone tired that twelve hours of sleep will not cure. It is time to declare war on the shoulds. I’m still trying to gather the weapons I need and plan out my tactics but it’s time. I am taking a stand. 

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