Digging In

Living in the northeast, you take a sunny warm spring day head on, because you don’t know when you will see one again. You could even experience snow and sunburn in the matter of twenty four hours. This was confirmed when after spending days outside working on my landscaping, snow is falling.

Fresh air and dirt has a way of decluttering your mind, so got busy removing the dead leaves and skeletal remains of last years flowers.

As I dug, I thought about what these last few weeks and even months have been like, and I began to realize that this is what God has been doing in my life.

I put time into this garden because I remember the beauty that will come. I can’t see all that will bloom but I know growth is happening. That’s the thing I am learning about God. He can take things that look like very little, take a tulip bulb for instance, and out of produce magnificence.

The work of growth is hard and messy and painful but their is a far greater glory that will come.

1 thought on “Digging In”

  1. Your flowers are pretty and a necessary thing in this messy and complicated world we are living in right now. Know that we love you and we are praying for you.

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